Haluatko Häkän sisäpiiriläiseksi? Liity kanta-asiakkaaksi

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Welcome to the top place of family skiing – the Häkärinteet!

Our 13 pistes, an offpiste and Häkä Snow Park offer wintry experiences to all ages from beginners to more experienced speeders. In the children’s piste one can start off safely, and an expert skiing instructor is available to guide you through the basics. With us even the easier pistes are right in the middle of action, so it will be easy to keep an eye on  the smaller ones in the party as well.

Finland’s biggest wallride is in Häkärinteet

For the more experienced skiiers Häkärinteet has a highly praised street, that has Finland’s biggest wallride and a brand-new offpiste with drops and a new mogul piste. Just jump in to tone your skills! The equipment rental offers new equipment to try out and our SkiShop sells the top brands of skiing for an affordable price.

We want to guarantee good service and functioning circumstances for all of our customers. We just renewed our snowmaking system, so that we can offer You an even longer and better skiing season. The development work for the Häkärinteet is close to our heart. For these merits Häkärinteet was rewarded as the Skiing resort of the Year in 2008.

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